Sustainable is the new chic

Environmental impact:

We purchase products in abundance that don’t last us a long time because of their low price value. We no longer invest in long lasting timeless pieces because we can’t keep up with trends and we have too many options. Let’s face it, fast fashion has become the new norm. Yet more than ever we are becoming more aware of how big of an impact we make on our environment and still as consumers we often forget how much each purchase can negatively contribute to this global issue.

Orietta Polo Collections mission:

Orietta Polo Collections is the opposite of fast fashion. We create timeless products that are versatile. It is meant to be worn in many different ways for any type of occasion. This reduces spending and limits waste fabric to help lower eco impact. Every small step counts and it makes a big difference. Having timeless pieces engineered to last you a lifetime is a good investment for you and for environment.

Lets be honest, getting creative with each product allows you to be more authentic while adding value to each piece you purchase. It is what makes it all the more fun! Versatile items are the best when it comes to showing your own personality through your style.

Quality vs. Quantity:

 How many times has your mom told you she still has the same jeans she purchased 20 years ago which are still in perfect condition and back in style. Not only do these jeans have a story and bring value to you, they are sustainable. Thats what Orietta Polo Collections is all about. Make each product count.

Let’s make sustainable products chic!